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The ladybirds in our kit are Adalia bipunctata, the 2-spotted ladybird, an indigenous species for Europe.
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Welcome to the Internet site of Adavalue, exclusive producer and distributor of the ladybird Adalia bipunctata for education, leisure and communication.

You are fascinated by this sympathetic little beetle? Discover AdaliaBox. A fascinating discovery kit to observe Your ladybirds (Adalia bipunctata) during their development.

You are an advertiser and You would like to organize a spectacular event ? The Adalia Mini-Kit is an indispensable tool to boost Your communication.

Biological control, better controlled use of pesticides, we will hear a lot about it this year. Everybody knows, there is an alternative choice: using ladybirds…

The principle is developing and knows a growing interest. This sympathetic insect is a big natural predator of aphids. No doubt it will be at the center of conversations and in the media in 2011 and years to follow…

AdaliaBox, a complete educational and didactic kit to observe the development of Adalia bipunctata ladybirds
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Kit to rear, observe and know everything about ladybirds
With AdaLook every details of the ladybird life cycle will be shown. Triple Bug Viewer ®, as its name suggests, offers three-way observation of your ladybird breeding.
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Everybody talks about it…

A gardener cannot play apprentice sorcerer anymore. The misuse of pesticides is dangerous for the environment and our health. Every serious study proves it. Therefore, it is important to keep informing the public, now more then ever. One has to encourage gardeners to think, to observe, to conceive their garden in an other way, with the eye of a human with respect for all life around him. A real garden is not a sterile space but a place were one strives to get nature, the real one.
In this context I cannot but support the actions of Adavalue. Small but voracious, this little 2-spotted ladybird, OUR ladybird, creates havoc in aphid colonies and this from the larval stage on to adulthood. If acquiring these little beetles surely is important, so much more is getting to know it better.
And let us not forget it is far more better to have nature in one's garden than to have one's garden in nature.... Food for thought...

Marc Knaepen
RChief editor of the journal "Jardins et Loisirs"
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My windowsills are full of ladybirds. They are tens of it.

What should I do?

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